The Upcoming Month: Camp Nanowrimo, A Novel, and Anticipated Exhaustion

So, the coming month is going to be busy for me. The Furry Writer’s Guild has established several cabins for camp NaNoWwiMo this month. As it turns out, I’m working on a novel, and the goal is 50k words at least.

I’ve written a novel before, and even finished one years ago, but have henceforth been more of a short story writer. However, it’s time to start another big project, because I know what I want to write this time.

This book is going about a fox named Keene and his relationship with his psychic community. It is not a story about secret worlds, nor is it another portal fantasy. Rather than making psychic powers the centerpiece of the story, I want to focus on how a community can flourish or wither when faced with the consequences of incredible metaphysical powers becoming a daily mundanity. This is a story about how Keene himself changes through the years in a thriving, consequential world where the feelings of the dead still afflict the living, a mind reader can run for political office, and an infant can cause apocalypse. There will be some adult material, but it will not be heavy, although it will still hopefully be some degree of erotic.

Needless to say, I’m going to be very busy this month, and likely very stressed, so any support or encouragement I get to continue will be appreciated beyond expression. I want to say cheers to all of my fellow writers, and I hope everybody gets through the month feeling productive and fulfilled.

About georgesquares

Published writer who likes furries a lot. Dabbles in literary theory, cooking and botany. Has a bachelors degree of science in biology, so he'll occasionally talk about plants, genetics, and the chemistry of cooking. Involved in multiple fandoms and interested in genre fiction.
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